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Time Speaker Work Package Title
9.30 Carlton - Welcome and Overview of CosmoComp
10.15 Till Sawala WP1: Simulations of Small Scales Dwarf galaxies/Milky Way
10.45 Madhura Killedar WP2: Simulations of Intermediate Scales IGM/Feedback
11.15 Coffee Break
11.30 Laura Sales WP2: Simulations of Intermediate Scales Disk Galaxies
11.45 Milan Raicevic WP2: Smulations of Intermediate Scales Reionisation
12.15 Marcel Van Daalen WP3: Simulations of Large Scales Baryons and Dark Matter
12.45 Michelle Furlong WP4: Code Development Preparation for Eagle Simulation
13.15 Lunch
16.30 Wrap up/feedback session between PO and coordinators
17.15 Close