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Galaxy Mocks for Cosmology workshop at IEEC/CSIC Barcelona 11-13th March 2013


With the ongoing and future large scale photometric and spectroscopic surveys the need for more realistic galaxy mocks has become a vital part in exploiting these surveys to their full potential. To address the problems and possibilities of making these kind of mocks we are organising a 3 day (11-13th March) workshop in IEEC/CSIC Barcelona with funding from the CosmoComp Marie Curie ITN.

During this workshop we would like to cover all the aspects that come into play when creating realistic galaxy mocks for the ongoing and upcoming large surveys (DES,PAU,Euclid,BOSS,HSC,BigBOSS,DES-Spec,KiDS,Pan-STARRS etc...) This would entail amongst other : Creating (cheap?) halo catalogues, assigning galaxies to haloes and galaxy properties to galaxies (semi-analytics and/or HOD techniques for example) and further exploitation of these galaxy mocks. (Gravitational lensing, Covariance Matrices, RSD, Intrinsic Alignments, BAO, etc...)

Places are limited, we are trying to keep it small, manageable and productive. So if you are interest in contributing to the workshop please get in touch as soon as possible. Younger participants working on mocks are encouraged to apply and should send a statement with their interest and or active projects:

Contact e-mail adress

Confirmed Key Participants :

Carlton Baugh
Stefano Borgani (TBC)
Emiliano Sefusatti
Marc Manera (TBC)
Pierluigi Monaco
Francisco Castander
Martin Crocce
Pablo Fosalba
Enrique Gaztanaga