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Research Interests

From September 2011, and during one year, I will be enjoying a CosmoComp Experienced Researcher position. During this period I will be working in Trieste with Stefano Borgani. My project will primarily focus on the analysis, through cosmological hydrodynamic simulations, of the low-z IGM as accessible through several broad lines intimately related: multi-wavelength observations of galaxy clusters and the study of the diffuse Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium (WHIM).
Some other more technical (numerical) aspects could be also addressed.

a) Studies of galaxy clusters: i) Analysis of galaxy cluster mergers (using both cosmological simulations and controlled mergers) to make a detailed assessment of violation of the hydrostatic equilibrium (HE) condition during these events. We may address questions such as the time scale over which HE is recovered after a merger event or which are the X-ray and Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) signatures of such a violation; ii) Realization and analysis of large high-resolution cosmological simulations of clusters (with initial conditions based on a zoomed-in technique) to study the imprint of different feedback processes on the ICM properties and on the properties of the cluster galaxy population at low and high redshift; iii) Study of the scaling relations between cluster observational properties (X-ray and SZ) and cluster total mass to improve the calibration of clusters as tools for precision cosmology.

b) WHIM studies: i) Preparation of large high-resolution simulations of cosmological volumes to analyse perspectives of detection of the missing baryon component in the low-z universe; ii) Analysis of the simulations to derive forecasts of WHIM observability and characterization of its thermal and chemical properties through the analysis of synthetic spectra; iii) Study of the interplay between properties of the WHIM and of the galaxy population generated by the simulations.

c) Numerical aspects: i) Comparison of some of the previous items, such as the effect of mergers on HE, as described by Eulerian and SPH codes.

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